how to get rid of gas

Bloating and gas can be extremely discomforting, unsightly, painful and even embarrassing. There is this weird and uncomfortable feeling going on in your lower abdomen.

If your gas issues somehow elevate, then it may result in an extremely unbearable pain.

While the situation might be really annoying, you can relieve gas and the bloating associated with it with the help of some of these amazing home remedies. They do not have any side effect and give you immediate relief from your problem.

How To Relieve Gas Fast

Grab a Pinch of Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds have been in use for getting rid of bloating since the beginning of times. This home remedy is very simple. You just have to munch on some caraway seeds and you will find relief coming to you soon. If the taste seems unpleasant to you, then you can also east some caraway crackers and they will have the same effect. Taking them every morning can be really helpful if you suffer from regular gas issues.

Have Some Peppermint Tea

Peppermint provides great relief to pain caused due to gases. The substance, menthol, is antispasmodic in nature. It works on the muscles present in the digestive track, by soothing them reducing the stress present in that area.

You can prepare the peppermint by putting a teabag in a cup and pouring boiled water over it. Cover the mug for 15 minutes and let the tea seep through properly to let out all the goodness of peppermint. Sip on it slowly.

Sip on Some Lemon Water

Including lemon in your diet can be rally beneficial for your health in the long run. Lemon aids a lot on the proper digestion of food thus preventing bloating and gas to a great extent. You can even detoxify your body with lemon and get rid of all the harmful elements present.

Sipping on hot lemon water can prevent gas and eliminate it. Simply take 1 lemon and squeeze its juice in a glass of warm water. Sip on it slowly first thing every morning. In case you do not have fresh lemons available, you can always add some lemon juice in the water.

Use Ginger

Ginger is awesome for treating indigestion. It also works on other stomach related issues and settles them down. Thus, it is ideal for not just getting rid of all the gas gathered inside your body, but it also helps you in getting rid of all the discomfort associated with it as well.

The easiest way to use ginger is to suck on it whenever you suffer from gas. Another way is to drink some ginger tea. For this purpose, take a piece of ginger root and peel off its skin. Cut the root into some small pieces and put them in a mug. Pour very hot water over them, not boiling hot, and cover the mug. Let the ginger seep in water for 10 minutes. Add in some honey for a good flavor and sip on it slowly.

Find Comfort in Pumpkin

The reason why you get bloated is because your food does not get digested properly. This especially holds true for foods which are high in fiber content. This is why, we often end up being gaseous with a bulging tummy after eating chickpeas or beans. However, if you have got some pumpkin at your place, then you can get rid of this problem really effectively.

For this purpose, you need a cup of pumpkin cooked in any form. Eat it with your meal and it will help you in breaking down of the food making it easier to pass through the stomach. If you frequently suffer from gas issues, then always keep some cooked pumpkin in the refrigerator.

Take Some Anise See

Gas is often accompanied by cramps and pain. This especially holds true if you are not at all able to pass any wind out. In such a case, taking anise seed is the best available option. You can simply grind some anise seed and pop them in your mouth and down them with a glass of water.

Have a Cup of Chamomile Tea

If you are suffering from heartburn along with indigestion, then you should definitely take a cup of this magical tea. Simply place a tea bag in a cup and pour boiling hot water over it. Cover the cup and let the tea seep for 5 to 10 minutes. Add in some honey and drink 2 to 3 times a day until you are relieved of the problem.

Chew Properly

One of the biggest reasons behind this nasty issue is that a lot of us do not chew our food properly and, in fact, end up swallowing it. When you do not chew your food properly, the intestines start making a lot of gas in your stomach and thus you get not just uneasy but you also experience from a lot of pain as well.

Take Help From Activated Charcoal

It is ideal to take permission from your doctor before using activated charcoal for getting rid of gas. The reason why activated charcoal is a good remedy is because it absorbs all the chemicals which are responsible for causing you this much discomfort. It is available in the form of capsules in drugstores and the dosage recommendations are written on the packaging.

Avoid Problematic Foods

If you feel that there are certain foods which make you feel uncomfortable, then you should definitely avoid having them. While most of the times, it is the unhealthy foods which bear the brunt of being the culprits behind causing gas, there are many healthy food items which can trigger the issue also. If you think that cauliflower, broccoli and certain beans and legumes cause bloating in your body then either take them in a small amount or avoid eating them at all.


You have to move your body not just for staying lean and healthy but also to get rid of all the issues related to a churning stomach. When you are active, your food gets digested more properly and the whole digestion system ends up doing its job well. Also, if you suffer from flatulence, having a regime in which exercise plays a major role, can help you in getting relieved quite early. You may also like to read how to stop farting.

Don’t Hold It In

If you have got gas, yet you are not letting it go, then it can actually aggravate the situation instead of providing you relief from it. Holding your gas in can bloat your stomach and cause a certain uneasiness.


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