Almost every person snores once in a while especially after having a long and tired day.

But if you are a regular snorer, it means that you have some underlying health issues including the narrowing of the airway passage. While you should definitely see a doctor to rule out any major issue, you can still get rid of snoring by following these simple yet effective home remedies.

1. Humidify Your Room

Most of the times, it is the dryness in the atmosphere which is the main reason behind you snoring. It makes our throat and nose dry making them more congested, thus restricting the movement of the airway passage. For this purpose, humidify your room with the help of a humidifier. You will see your snoring episodes becoming less with time.

2. Clean Your House Regularly

A house full of dust can cause a lot of allergies, which can result in persistent snoring. Clean and dust your house on a regular basis.

Keep your home spic and span. Change the air filters regularly so that no dust gets accumulated inside of it which can result in allergies. A clean home is the foundation of a healthier you.

3. Elevate Your Bed’s Head

Elevating your bed’s head can prevent the air passage from getting blocked. You wither place some extra pillows under your head, or simply put some bricks under the bed’s head. This will help you in getting rid of snoring. This remedy is especially good for those who have the habit of sleeping on their backs.

4. Make Use of a Tennis Ball

It is a fact that you do not snore much when you are sleeping on your side. This is because the airways do not get blocked and breathing comes easily to you. However, once you turn over on your back, your nasal tract gets blocked and you have to go through a labored breathing. So, to stop yourself from turning on your back, take a tennis ball and wrap it into a clean cloth. Sew the cloth in your shirt’s back. Wear that shirt to bed every night. The tennis ball will make you wake up when you will turn on your back, this stopping you from snoring at all.

5. Add Essential Oils to the Humidifier

Just as we have stated above that humidifying your room can stop you from snoring, you can make it more effective by adding some essential oils to the humidifier as well. Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils are extremely effective and make it easier for you to breathe.

For this remedy, just add a few drops of an essential oil into the humidifier half an hour before going to the bed. It will give you a soothing sensation and will create a pleasant aroma in the room as well.

6. Lose Some Weight

Being overweight is the reason behind a lot of problems; snoring being one of them as well. When you are overweight your throat may form some extra issues which can block it. It makes it a bit difficult for the air to enter your nose and throat thus causing you to snore in the end.

7. Do Some Yoga

Yoga is ideal for calming down your nerves and releasing the stress present in your body. You should practice controlling your breathing with the help of Paranayama, a type of yoga which helps you in relaxing your breathing and controlling the flow of oxygen in the body.

There are many yogis which offer regular classes. Once you have mastered the technique, you can practice Paranayama at home as well.

8. Figure Out Why You Actually Snore

There are many reasons behind why one snores, and all of them do not have to be medical. Your eating habits, your weight and the way you sleep all can be the factors behind why you snore so regularly. Let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons:

  • You sleep with your mouth tightly shut. You inhale and exhale both through your nose.
  • If you snore with your mouth wide opened, then this means that your throat is somewhat blocked and you forcefully inhale more air than required.
  • You sleep on your back.
  • If you snore irrespective of whatever position you are lying in and it wakes you and your partner up, then you should definitely see your doctor.

    9. Make Sure That You Are using the Right Pillow


    Pillows are great for elevating your head and letting the air pass inside easily. However, the use of too many pillows can elevate the situation instead of relieving it. You should use pillows which are not too thick and fluffy. Thick pillows can constraint the nasal tract further, while fluffy pillows gather a lot of dust in them even if you pat them regularly. Find a pillow which is neither too thin nor too thick, and keeps you in a comfortable positio

10. Avoid Taking Sleeping Pills

If you are in a habit of taking sedatives for sleeping, then you should definitely avoid doing that. This is because sleeping pills relax your throat tissues making it hard for them to let the oxygen pas through it easily.

11. Don’t Take Alcohol

Alcohol acts on the throat in an almost the same manner as the sleeping pills do. It tightens your throat and causes you to snore. If you have to take alcohol in any case, you should consume it at least 2 to 3 hours before bed time.

You may also like to read natural remedies for having a good night sleep.

12. Strengthen Your Muscles

For getting rid of your snoring issues, you have to make your throat and tongue muscles strong. This is especially important especially when you are getting old as these muscles tend to loosen up. You can do some simple exercises regularly, and you will see some awesome results in the end:

  • Start with a really simple exercise. Say this phrase, “The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue,” 15 to 20 times before going to sleep.
  • Bring your lower jaw on your upper one and count to ten slowly. Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times a day.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Move it to the left and right without bending it. Repeat it twice or thrice a day.


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