Perfect Morning Sickness Home Remedies

Morning sickness or nausea, as we more commonly know it by, is a condition which is familiar to almost everyone.

Although it is a common notion that pregnant women suffer from nausea, but the fact is that anyone can fall prey to this unpleasant experience.

Apparently there is not a single reason behind what causes morning sickness. It can be due to anything including expecting a baby, acid reflex, reaction to any food, dehydration or even because of the intake of some particular medication. Sometimes morning sickness can turn into motion sickness as well, which is even more terrible.

There are many medicines which can treat the issue of nausea; however most of them are so strong that instead of ending up getting much better, your condition even worsens. But, there are some awesome home remedies which you can try whenever you feel sick. These remedies can relieve you from your issue, and you end up feeling even better within no time.

Morning Sickness Cures That Work

Make Ginger Your Best Friend

When you have nausea, you can take ginger in literally any form. You can drink ginger ale, make yourself some ginger tea or even suck on it in a raw form. However, whatever you decide to do, the end result is always a good one – you end up getting rid of morning sickness. Ginger for morning sickness is one of the good home remedy.

When it comes to the best way of getting rid of morning sickness, ginger tea is known to work the best. For preparing ginger tea you need:

Ginger Root – a 2 inch piece, peeled

2 ½ cups of water

Honey – to taste

Cut your ginger into small pieces and then crush it with the help of a knife. Boil the water in a saucepan and add the ginger in it. Let the ginger boil for 3 to 4 minutes. Pour the drink into a cup while passing through a sieve. Add in some honey for a pleasant taste.

You can drink ginger tea every time you feel that you are going to be sick, and you will find yourself getting relieved quite soon.

In case you want to drink some ginger ale, it is always better to prepare it fresh at home. For making it you require:

Ginger – 2 cups, peeled and crushed

Lemon Peels – 3

Chilled Club Soda – 3 bottles

Sugar – to taste

Place lemon peels, ginger and almost 4 cups of water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes without covering your pan. Now add in the sugar, almost ¾ to 1 cup, in the saucepan while stirring the mixture continuously.

Keep on cooking the mixture until the water is reduced almost 3 cups. Pour the mixture into a large bowl after passing through a fine mesh strainer. Let the mixture cool down completely. Mix 1 cup of club soda with 1/4 cup of the prepared mixture whenever you get nauseous and drink. You can store this mixture in the fridge by putting it in a glass container with an air tight lid for 7 days.

Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is wonderful in eliminating nausea. It has such a beautiful scent that its smell also leaves you fresh. It is really easy to use peppermint oil for getting rid of nausea. Simply dab some oil on a cotton ball and apply it on your gums. You will soon notice a different in your condition.

Throw Up

If your morning sickness has turned into motion sickness then you should not stop yourself from throwing up. It is mostly your stomach acid which needs to come out of your throat. The good thing is that after throwing up; you mostly end up feeling fine.

Have Some Milk and Toast 

Milk and bread are two foods which everyone recommends taking with a sick stomach. This is because bread has the ability to absorb any acid which might be present in your stomach, while the milk coats your stomach and prevents more acid from reaching it. While this remedy works fine on a person suffering from the usual nausea, it should be avoided when one is suffering from stomach flu.

For this remedy, toast some bread and apply some butter on it. Heat 1 cup of milk and pour it into a bowl and crumble the bread into it. Drink or eat with a spoon. You need to follow these pregnancy nausea relief foods to get rid of morning sickness that lasts all day.

Apply Acupressure

Acupressure is very effective when it comes to getting rid of nausea. In acupressure, you apply pressure at specific points which help in eliminating nausea. You can either do that with your hands or purchase a nausea band.

You can apply acupressure at the base of your palm and particularly at the top crease present on your wrist. Apply the pressure gently.

You can apply acupressure at the same points on both the wrists.

Don’t Let the Nausea Get to Your Head

When you start having the feeling of being sick soon, then do not take it to your head. Instead get your remedies prepared and take them beforehand. You will notice that the nausea will not come with such a huge intensity like all the previous times.



Stretch Out

One of the reasons behind you being nauseous can be the discomfort which you might be experiencing on your upper back and neck. Stretch out your arms and move your neck to relax that area.

You can even try out this wonderful back exercise by getting the position of doing a push up. However, instead of bringing up your entire body, just lift the upper part a few times. Tilt your head backwards as much as possible so that your chin is facing upwards.

If you are experiencing pain in your neck then do this simple exercise. Simply drop your head forward so that your chin is touching your chest. Hold into that position for 10 to 15 minutes. From there tilt your head to left, hold on for 10 seconds, then to the right while again holding on for 10 seconds. Then move your head to the center position.

Get a Cool Compress

Applying a cool compress when the nausea is just about to set in is very effective. Simply take a cool compress and place it on the back of your neck for a few minutes or until you feel relieved.



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